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business newsletter curation and management for Masters' Union

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Masters' Union

Masters' Union is one of India’s few technology-focused business schools that combines academic rigor with real world industry experience.


Masters' Union was just starting out in the world of education, hence they needed to amplify their presence - both globally and nationally.

Inagiffy’s intervention

inagiffy worked with Masters' Union to build them a reputation and reach their target audience. We were given access to MU leads (students who had paid the application fee).

1. Audience segmentation: We began by identifying our audience. Masters’ Union had both an active member base and inactive subscribers. We decided to deploy AMP emails to the active audience to receive richer interaction, while shooting the inactive subscriber base with HTML emails to warm them up for conversion.

2. Optimising CTAs: We included a CTA in the HTML emails which allowed the readers to subscribe to the enhanced AMP version. This helped garner more feedback and engagement, converting passive members into an active subscriber base — while also giving us valuable data on the conversion intent of each subscriber.


3. Creating content buckets: Since our content needed to cater to recruiters and potential applicants, we created content buckets for different audiences. Once we had our general topics, we experimented with various templates and styles.


After sending out each email, our team analyses the newsletter’s impact and uses data to figure out what works and what doesn't.

The First 

2 months

The first 2 months were uneventful. We optimised and warmed up the email domains, and ran campaigns with existing templates, resulting in small, incremental improvements to their open rates.


But we believed we could do better and create tangible impact for Masters’ Union. So after two months, inagiffy convinced Masters’ Union to give us complete creative freedom over the newsletters.

The Birth of


Creating an asset from scratch, we worked with their team to build diverse sections that covered detailed aspects in the spheres of business, entrepreneurship and technology.


The Masters’ Union newsletter underwent a complete redesign, and thus, “The Multiplexer” was born.


The Multiplexer was first launched on [date] to 30,000 MU leads, with interactive elements tailored for engagement via AMP tech.


The Multiplexer was our pièce de résistance — in just 2 months, we achieved industry-leading newsletter metrics.

Launching MU Student Case Studies

Every other business newsletter featured a popular, over-used case study. With Masters’ Union, we wanted to incorporate case studies, while also showcasing the business acumen of MU students.

Our solution to this was creating case studies featuring Masters Union students themselves.

We also introduced a gamification element by incorporating quizzes, with winners receiving Masters Union-sponsored goodies.

This section generated a lot of organic traffic and engagement for Masters’ Union. The case study quiz section contributed to X million organic impressions on LinkedIn alone!

Ask MU

As with any business school, Masters’ Union requires significant commitment from its students, both in terms of time (16 months) and capital (total fees are over INR 20L).

Hence, we expected all applicants to have a lot of questions regarding the programme. This insight led us to launch Ask MU — an FAQ forum where newsletter subscribers could ask questions about MU’s flagship PGP programme and get it answered.


  • inagiffy helped Masters’ Union reach a wider audience and position themselves as a credible business school.

  • Since the newsletter is easily consumable, we observed higher readability.

  • We also recorded higher engagement and interaction, with 50% higher CTRs than the industry standard.

  • We continue to improve these rates by incorporating the data and implementing the feedback we receive every week, and help Masters’ Union reach a larger audience with every subsequent issue of the newsletter.

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