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for companies that value
real connections

we believe that in a world cluttered with digital noise, it's the meaningful relationships that make a difference.

inagiffy is an end-to-end newsletter marketing agency that helps you build strong, authentic connections with your audience through the power of newsletters.

our thesis? newsletters will eat the world.

email. whatsapp. linkedin. we do it all. even neuralink (?) soon.

hear from the founder 👂

hey, I’m Arnav, the founder of inagiffy — a newsletter agency where we do things differently.

i started running my own newsletters in 2020, and over the years, I experimented and figured out the science behind making email marketing work.

my emails did wonders, and I knew I was onto something big — so I expanded this expertise to other sectors and organisations, and inagiffy was born.

today, inagiffy boasts of a stellar team of copywriters and designers from Snapchat, Bajaj Finserv, Tata Motors, and The Product Folks, and influencers like Sharan Hegde (2M+ on IG, 1.7M+ on YouTube) — extremely talented people who are insanely passionate about newsletters.

along with servicing a unique marketing sector a.k.a. newsletters, we excel at manufacturing virality — all our clients experience exponential subscriber and revenue growth — this is a culmination of the hard content science we do here.

meet the team


arnav jalan

founder, ceo

ex - head of cx, dive

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sharan hegde

advisor & investor

content creator, 4M+ followers

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