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Finance Newsletter optimization for Finance with Sharan



Finance with Sharan

Finance with Sharan is a social media account run by former management consultant Sharan Hegde. Sharan creates witty personal finance content for Instagram, Youtube, Twitter & LinkedIn. With around 3 million followers and counting, Finance with Sharan is one of India’s most popular accounts for business & financial advice. 

Inagiffy’s intervention

Before Inagiffy, Sharan sent out industry standard text focused emails with a minimal design template. Inagiffy worked with Sharan to design the newsletter and take it to the next level by adding visual elements and structure. With this added design execution, we gave the Finance with Sharan newsletter an added edge and set it apart from every other content creator newsletter. 


Apart from making the newsletter more consumable, we introduced comic panels. Our design team worked on comic strips that converted parts of the newsletter into graphic content. For added optimisation, we used data to implement changes like adding forward CTAs in order to increase engagement.



Although Sharan’s newsletter followed the format majority of content creators did, his audience was comfortable with him. We needed to maintain similarity and make the Finance with Sharan newsletter stand out without any drastic changes or design upheavals. Our team had to strike a balance between familiarity and redesign, so as to not lose his audience’s trust. 


Once again with the comics, we focused on sustaining Sharan’s brand image. Our team wrote the content and designed the comic ourselves, with the sole purpose of transposing the effect his reels had into a comic. Lastly, Sharan’s content was very engagement focused, and HTML poses barriers like redirection that discourage users from engaging. Integrating engagement in creative ways to get past this barrier was challenging. 


We began by creating a blind HTML design from scratch. Once we had our design ready, we worked on merging our HTML with their existing HTML. The team spent time improving cohesiveness and making sure the product was seamless and consistent. As a result, our final product had enhanced structure, and yet maintained original elements. Subsequently, we are now working on moving to AMP emails to increase interaction.


Screenshot 2022-10-05 at 7.04.12 PM.jpg


Screenshot 2022-10-05 at 7.10.51 PM.jpg


Despite the design change, we maintained engagement levels - open rates and click-through rates remained steady while the subscriber count rose by over 20%. We enhanced readability and upgraded layout structure. Our partnership with Finance with Sharan is an ongoing one, and we currently have plans in place to boost his reach further and take his marketing game up to another level, so stay tuned for that!

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