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Brand creation and website redesign with Fair Angels ✨

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Fair Angels

Fair Angels VC consists of a host of sectoral experts and portfolio company founders who aim to pool their expertise and capital towards promising businesses that pass their investment filters.  

Inagiffy’s intervention


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In a time span of 45 days, Inagiffy redesigned the brand and website for FairAngels – this included ideating the logo design and color palette for the brand to create a new brand identity, then redesigning and developing the website, and finally launching it.


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Finalizing a branding strategy that incorporated different elements:

  • aesthetics

  • professionalism

  • clear communication of the purpose

to create a new foundation for the company was the biggest challenge.   


While working on this project our focus was to keep the design clean and professional, thus enhancing user experience by providing an easy-to-navigate platform while applying for funding. 

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With the redesign and brand identity out there, Fair Angels noticed a significant increase in Investment applications, alongside higher traffic on their website. This, in turn, started creating a buzz about them in the start-up community, resulting in a more positive result for Fair Angels.

Even though Inagiffy is young, they had a good understanding of the matter at hand. Felt like working with a dynamic agency without any formalities. The pricing was also really considerate.

Govind Shorewala
Co- Founder, Fair Angels

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